Support Shenmue III by buying the game full price on 11/19/2020

After nearly 20 years, Ryo Hyzuki's quest to avenge his Father finally continues.

Thanks to a partnership with Epic Games, in exchange for being its exclusive home for the first year, Shenmue III's sales have been guaranteed by the upstart PC storefront. This means that Deep Silver will see the same amount of money regardless of whether anyone ever buys a single copy on the Epic Store! For once, Shenmue fans do not have to worry about the "mainstream" success of their beloved franchise.

But what about the future?

Shenmue still needs your support! With first year sales guaranteed by Epic Games, this means sales when the game launches on Steam are more important than ever.

It's asking a lot, but Shenmue fans are no strangers to waiting and their patience is sure to be rewarded when the game lights up the sales charts, enticing newcomers and people who remember the series fondly to check out the exciting new entry.

Should I Refund My Pledge?


Epic Games has guaranteed sales for the first year and is graciously covering the cost of providing refunds. Requesting your refund allows you to purchase the game later, increasing its sales, increasing visibility, and giving Deep Silver more money than redeeming your Kickstarter key on the Epic Store!

  1. Wait until November 19, 2020
  2. Visit Shenmue III's store page
  3. Buy at full price
  4. Enjoy the game, spread the word!


  • When should I buy Shenmue III?
    • November 19, 2020.
  • Should I buy on the Epic Game Store now?
    • No! Epic Games has generously guaranteed the first year of sales to Deep Silver regardless of actual performance. Unfortunately, this means that any additional sales on the Epic Game Store don't count unless it passes that sales threshold in that first year. To make sure Deep Silver gets the most amount of money and exposure possible, you should buy on November 19, 2020.
  • But I've waited so long!
    • Patience is rewarded! Wait for the game, play it at its full launch, and let people know how great the game is!